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  YEAR: 1959
  MAKE: Chevrolet  
  MODEL: 10  
  STYLE: Pump Truck  
  PRICE: Call for Price  
  PHONE: (815) 983-0163  
  ZIP CODE: 61125  
  WASSOLD BIT AGAIN AVAILABLE AS CLIENT HAD SOME OTHER THINGS COME UP AND COULD NOT PAY AT THIS TIME!This particular 1959 Chevrolet tanker truck (some might call it a pumper) is possibly the lowest mileage believed to be mostly original one we've seen. Although the former owner sincerely believes the 35,810 miles are actual, due to the age of the vehicle, we must offer the vehicle as-is, where-is, with miles unknown. The red paint is still presentable, as is the gold "Arlington Fire Department" lettering, close examination reveals that originally, this vehicle may have been green. It was acquired from a small town, for a western collector whounfortunately was not able to complete the transaction, and it has been stored since. It has been started and driven at the facility within the past 60 days. Since it does have old gas in the tank, to avoid any possible damage, it was being run of a small, temporary tank. It will at least to have the gasoline flushed, serviced, a new battery installed and some brake work before attempting to drive the vehicle any distance. In fact, on any vehicle this old, you should have it checked over by a competent mechanic before attempting to put back on the road, especially if it's not been used regularilly in recent years.